Welcome To Reality.

Haha, i know it might sound absurd or awkward bringing you reality and raising alarms to matters of marriage and hitting it hard on sex ! Mind you, there are a dozen of such matters to be handled but lets stick to the road not taken.

I will bring a divergent direction and series that links to purpose and promoting sexuality and womanhood through questions and many activities, trainings, courses and luncheons etc.


 As a certified sex coach and a cognitive behavioural therapist , aside the affinity of these matters, I am here to embed you with a deeper knowledge and essence of human existence through sexuality ,open  your minds eye to see beyond the media and tradition portrays and positively crate a safe haven and environment which targets a bigger picture and impact for wholeness and wellness while through life.

sexually EMPOWERED?  
Stop The Self Sabotage…

What is blocking your eyes to the truth

Was it your first encounter? or just maybe the training you got caused the feeling?

Is it because you haven’t had real intercourse before? 

You think sex is only okay for procreation and not for commitment and connection? 

Do you self pleasure or you bad, guilty, and ashamed for your body to feel the it feels?

I can tell you confidently that I love sex and everything around it because it is one of the most natural engagements to man.

I love the idea of sex, i like to talk about it, research it, learn more about sex, helping others create the love, sex and relationship that they love.

Guess what? my friend(Uche) at the gym gave me a new name in november last year in one of our talks on matters around this.She said, Jess your name is actually women leader, i see the crowd and group of women you have around you, well done.

I would also add that i have received names like head girl, mama for the girls, woman MOPOL and all that but sadly the not so good names too are…. rebellious girl, spoilt lady, she doesn’t fit to be a woman, don’t be friends with my wife, i hate your guts…..

well…….. all of these stemmed up from owning my sexuality and getting deeper knowledge to sex and the wellness it brings to health and life generally. 


The Hard Truth… Sex is not unclean or the dung in the garden as the world puts it, relatively saying.

Sex is a natural way of life, it has healthiest practices to longevity, extremely pleasurable to animals how much more humans, and just so you record this that humans are sexual beings and it is in our nature to dwell here.

You must have found this page for knowledge or how to best navigate the bedroom, or may be here because you’re not so sexually empowered, and want to know more, let us say you have specific concerns personally or with your partner, or you may be rhetorically interrogating your sexuality or desires from body image, sexual inadequacies, marriage matters and achieving real satisfaction e.t.c.


You can join my monthly private group for wives only.

You can also join the group for  single ladies.


   If you have ever applied to gain a skill or studied a career don’t you think paying to learn about your sexuality for the price of a pizza is worth it? 

You can confide in me and we keep it confidential.

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