The Reason You Both Want Another!

Lack of creativity in your sex room might just bring about boredom and craving another which can be from the man or the woman. sex is serious business hence the need to constantly recreate a fun environment and atmosphere for love and quantum sex.


1: I like to recreate my sanctuary and shrine with regular repainting of the room, new sheets by weekly, rearrange the room always to spark imaginations and thoughts. In one of the years, I experienced an intense surge of high libido. Guess what? I repainted the house at intervals throughout the year cause I wanted to constantly ignite the fire inside and most times I craved newness and this is peculiar to everyone at some point. Have you had the same colour in your bedroom since you said I DO? maybe its time to spice the sanctuary.

2: Set yourselves up for connection and communication by knowing more of your intentions, sealing your intimacy level, communicating your needs, wants and desires. Decide to always create the right environment for a healthy conversation that stimulates your mind and soul, the bitter truth is marriage and sex can be boring and you unconsciously think of the dreadful cheating!!. which should not be but with your effort of recreating a deeper connection and energy exchange with your spouse it might erase such thoughts.

3: Try out new activities in the bedroom which ultimately bring fresh thoughts with lasting memories. ever wondered why you want to buy another black bag or another colour of an item you already have? I assume, out of boredom and having to repeat the same bag to work or event, but you get a new collection to your wardrobe and all you desire is carrying that bag and feeling stylish and happy with yourself. The same happens with sex when you try new activities or styles that just leave you both elated and that surge of unexplainable excitement envelopes you.

Meanwhile, during this time the world is experiencing a standstill due to covid19, I put up a short guide that will aid your sex tank this season. get it ……

Enjoy the season…….

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