Whose Fault When Girls Turn Out To Be Bad Wives And Become The Bitter Old Witches?

The cycle continues, girls turn to be women too weak, feeble and frustrated to just grow and end up being just Mrs without plans and aspirations.

I always asked questions and found answers just maybe cause I was too curious and inquisitive to know more about life.

I grew up with my parents and the best thing my mom did was to tell me things, topics and strange topics (yes, i say strange cause that is what the society made it look.) Mom, Will tell me anything and everything even the unsolicited advice, let’s just say she was my first sex coach and counsellor on matters of relationship, self confidence and sexuality.

She taught me to be pragmatic and It was not a surprise that my friends in college confided in me because i was replicating the lessons from my moms to my friends that didn’t know jack about topics like this and no one was willing to share stories.

There is a lot of stories why i chose this part of women empowerment. In 2014, in my job as an executive assistant i was still doubling as the school’s teens counsellor (besides, i gave myself  that job title)  and the daily questions and advice i get on my desk were huge and i could not sleep well for months until i drafted a luncheon in 2015  women mentoring girls (A safe place to share your unique story to the younger you with encouragement and more).

It was supposed to be every term in schools, get volunteers as girls mentor.

my point is when we don’t speak the truth to our  ‘mini us’, the circle continues of bitter grown women, women who get married without being wives, some only say yes i do, only because they were pressured.

Today, i call you out,  if you are reading this, become a teen mentor or better still invite all the teens in your life to join my mentoring girls school  https://chat.whatsapp.com/BpHRwEDo0404OL3V5j86eT


Join In: let this be a gift to a teenager in your life my sending out the link. 

Topics, Stories, Classes And Trainings Are Our Mission.

Become a volunteer and a mentor today.


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