WoMentoring Girls

Dear Daughters,

This is a mentoring and support group for teenagers and young adults where you are taught values, spirituality, sexuality and wholeness through topics and subjects that didn’t make it to the alter and matters that are dissected for empowerment and healing.


To evolve successfully from adolescence to womanhood.


To groom, mentor, teach, create topics around the not so popular matters through luncheons, seminars and conferences.


I am created to create and fed to feed.


Spiritual Awareness

Physical Fitness

Emotional Balance

Mental Healing

Join me and other mentors to hold your hand, teach you not to learn from our mistakes, share our story, learn life in its creation and fullness, evolve to a deeper spiritual and higher awareness that your goddess.  

here is a direct link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/BpHRwEDo0404OL3V5j86eT

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Females Only

Ages 13 to 21


welcome…… to greatness and path to your true purpose.